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Is There a Relationship Between Heart Attack Symptoms And Diet? Why Do People Struggle With A Diet After A Heart Attack?

There have been many studies showing the link between heart attack symptoms and diet.

They all indicate that even losing a small amount of weight will help to reduce future heart attack symptoms.

But what is the best diet after a heart attack?

There are so many the different theories, which one is best?

  • Low Fat
  • Hi Protein
  • Low Carb
  • High fibre
  • Food Combining
  • Calorie Counting
  • Mediteranean
  • GI
  • Etc etc etc
  • Not to mention all the weird and wonderful:

  • Cabbage Soup (cabbaged brain, more like!)
  • Grapefruit (Is someone taking the pith?)
  • I must admit the Diet Patches do work if you put them over your eyes so you can’t find your food!

    And of course my personal favourite – the See Food Diet (every time you see food, just eat it!)

    So why don't you like to be on a diet after a heart attack?

    Well its obvious when you think about it.

    Just check out the first 3 letters of Diet! - DIE!!!

    (Hope that didn't give you any heart attack symptoms!)

    So if food is such a pleasure and the people who go on a diet after a heart attack struggle so much,

    how can we succeed when we are told that losing weight and eating healthier is one of the major ways to speed heart attack recovery and help to prevent another?

    Well there are a number of ways.

    1) Follow a set program that has suggested menus.

    The links between heart attack symptoms and diet are so well establiashed that these are a number of programs available on the internet and the best ones also include a data-base of information and advice on exercise.

    Read about the Mediteranean Diet here. or The Heart Disease Diet here.

    2) Change your focus.

    Ridiculous? O.K. work with me on this one –

    Close your eyes and take a few moments to really concentrate on your favourite food.

    See the plate in front of you; imagine the smell; in your imagination take your spoon or fork and help yourself to a nice big tasty mouthful. Imagine the texture, savour the flavour.

    I bet your mouth is watering – literally. You have more than likely produced the saliva you would need to start digesting a real mouthful of food!

    That’s how powerful your thought are!

    So instead of dwelling on what you’re going to have to give up and miss out on (DIEting!) - think about the pleasures you are going to get from the tastes of your new way of eating.

    Just by making these pleasures more intense in your imagination you will enjoy the foods more in reality.

    You will also reduce heart attack symptoms, and diet will be a thing of the past.

    3) Small weekly improvements become massive yearly achievements.

    For most of us, any change in the way we eat is going to be healthier and an improvement.

    A slight adjustment will work wonders over a period of time. If you lose 1lb per week, then this time next year you will be ………… 52 lb lighter !!!! (That’s about the weight of a Siberian Husky!)

    How do you lose 1lb per week?

    It’s simpler than you think.

    1 lb of body fat = 3500 calories, so in theory if you cut your daily intake by 500 calories per day you will lose about 1lb per week.

    (As you recover from the heart attack you may not be as active as you used to be, so you may have to cut down a bit more, but I’m sure your get the idea.)

    So what does 500 calories of food look like?

  • 1 slice of cake
  • 5 oz of meat
  • 5oz cheese
  • 2 croissants
  • 5 slices of bread and butter
  • 5 biscuits
  • So by eating only two less biscuits, one less slice of bread & butter and two ounces less of meat per day, you would lose about 1lb per week.

    How simple is that?

    Yes it’s simple but I know it’s not easy. That’s why Weight Loss programs exist. Many people find it so much easier to follow a set program such as the Mediteranean Diet Program or the Heart Disease Diet Program.

    Break the habit and success is yours.

    4) Enjoy your food and don’t feel guilty. We’re always tempted to have a little bit more and that’s OK -on occasions.

    “Just this once won’t hurt.” is true, but bear in mind that over the years that little bit more can hurt! (In my case it hurt a LOT!!)

    If I'd paid attention earlier to the links between heart attack symptoms and diet I amy never have had a heart attack.

    The amount and type of food that we eat is mostly just a habit anyway.

    Heart attack symptoms and diet cannot be seperated, so if you do start slipping and can’t be bothered to stick to your diet after a heart attack, then just remember:


    It’s Your Heart. It’s Your Life.

    It’s Your Choice.

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    "My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four.

    Unless there are three other people. "

    Orson Welles
    (1915 - 1985)



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